Quality Assurance/Quality Control

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.” – Warren Buffett

Quality assurance is the greatest asset we can offer our growing list of customers. It is the core of our future growth expectations.

Alcro Electric Ltd. has invested time and effort to establish a complete quality system that produces excellent results in the module market. We are constantly improving our procedures, practices and documentation to meet changing market conditions and customer needs.

Our QA manual synchronizes our team so we are able to achieve the same outstanding results for all projects. Customer specifications may change from client to client, but our commitment to quality remains the same.

Alcro also recognizes that product knowledge is essential to determine the needs of our customers. With nearly twenty years working in the module market, we know which products are available to serve our customers’ interests.

Alcro can provide a wide array of inspection certifications where required. Once all projects are inspected, tested and ready for shipment, we make sure to follow up with all required documentation, including red lines, ITPs, quality control documentation and even shipped loose equipment slips.

The module market can be a fast-paced environment where quick responses are vital to successful project management. We pride ourselves on providing top quality workmanship and materials along with quick service without sacrificing safety or quality of workplace.