About Us

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

Mission Statement

Alcro Electric will deliver unequivocal excellence in our wiring practices and customer care. We will make every effort towards producing exceptional results for all customers while providing a stimulating and challenging environment for our employees.

Defining a New Standard of Service and Quality

Founded in March 1997, Alcro Electric has developed a reputation for being a quick-response company. Our unparalleled commitment to customer service and quality workmanship has allowed us to create lasting relationships with our loyal customers. Trust and accountability are the hallmarks of how we do business.

Alcro Electric will manage and construct projects to suit any customer’s needs. Our professional and reliable team provides a broad range of services, but our greatest asset lies in our expertise as providers of modular skid package wiring.

The Alcro Experience

Alcro Electric specializes in many facets of modularization, from installing and wiring electrical components to supplying complete turnkey modular packages. Since 1997, Alcro has worked hard to become a known and trusted electrical contractor in the oil and gas industry, and as such we have built many strong and lasting relationships with vendors and sub-contractors.

Alcro’s turnkey packages include the fabrication of the structural skid base, erection of the self-framed building, as well as all electrical installations of free-issued and procured electrical equipment. In addition to Alcro’s own expertise, we have partnered with strategic sub-contractors that operate with a similar mindset in their business practices. By aligning ourselves with the right partners, Alcro is able to offer a variety of shop locations as well as both indoor and outdoor material storage around the Calgary area. This approach has allowed us to maximize our construction potential in order to work on a variety of client projects in an area that is both secure and easily accessible for client visits and inspections. In today’s competitive oil and gas market, pre-commissioned modular packages are a critical component for an efficient start-up of client facilities.

General Purpose Packages Include (but not limited to):

  • Complete Fabrication and Electrical Wiring of MCC Packages
  • Installation of DCS Marshalling Panels
  • Instrument Air Packages
  • Installation of PLC Control Panels
  • Installation of Various 480V & 4160V Switchgear/MCC Equipment
  • Complete Fabrication and Electrical Wiring of ICC Packages

Hazardous Location Packages Include (but not limited to):

  • Fire Pump Packages
  • Generator Packages
  • All Types of Process Packages
  • Water Treatment Buildings
  • Portable Fuel Filling Stations
  • Gas Analyzer Buildings